1st International Workshop on 5G Security Standardisation

16 June 2016, 1st 5G-ENSURE  International Workshop on 5G Security Standardisation, helping to drive early standardisation on 5G, especially on 5G security.


Workshop description

Early standardisation effort on 5G is key for the convergence of telecom and IT to develop an ubiquitous infrastructure that will offer higher capacity to customers and create new opportunities to interconnect smart objects. 5G will bring a massive number of devices (e.g. sensors, actuators and cameras) with a wide range of characteristics. Integrating these heterogeneous technologies poses new security challenges towards a secure, reliable and dependable infrastructure. Networks will have to cope with a very dynamic and flexible environment consisting of virtual resources that can be instantiated and released on demand to meet the users’ demands and the connectivity requirements. The heterogeneous nature of the new networks, devices and services will raise a lot of security concerns, such as trust and privacy, that have to be addressed to enable wide deployment of 5G services and especially enhance user acceptance.

5G-ENSURE, one of the projects funded under Horizon 2020 phase 1 of the 5G-PPP, drives the vision for a viable 5G network that is secure and trustworthy. 5G-ENSURE will deliver a 5G security architecture to expand the mobile ecosystem and enable entirely new business opportunities. It will provide an initial set of security enablers for the core 5G Reference Architecture, a test bed to demonstrate the enablers, and make early contributions to relevant standards bodies.

This one-day workshop discusses and shares technical insights into the security of 5G emerging from preliminary findings from 5G-ENSURE. The workshop will present the results of an initial public consultation on 5G security, offering an opportunity to exchange European perspectives on security work within 5G-ENSURE.

Discussions will chart a course for coordinated work on 5G security with the involvement of 5G-PPP projects, standards groups and international initiatives. As a result, it will foster the drive towards the future 5G-connected digital society based on a secure-by-design approach, where security is an integral component of the architecture design.

5G-ENSURE has collected all insights and key discussion points in a short Post Event Report.