The 5G PPP brings together cross-project work groups focused on common issues as the basis for convergence on technical and strategic aspects of 5G at the EU programme level. The Work Groups stem from the 5G-Infrastructure Association activities and the 5G PPP projects themselves. Here is a summary of 5G-ENSURE contributions to 5G PPP working groups.

Security Work Group

Co-chairs: Jean-Philippe Wary, Orange and Pascal Bisson, Thales

5G-ENSURE spearheaded the Working Group on 5G security within the 5G PPP.


  • Bring together the projects within the 5G PPP that have a common interest in the development and progression of topics related to security.
  • Ensure, to as great an extent as possible, that the projects are working in a complementary manner towards consistent goals, exchanging ideas, minimising the duplication of effort, contributing to relevant standards, and, where possible, co-operating on the development of compatible components, demonstrators, the exchange of data, results and the interworking of communication layers, where applicable.

5G PPP White Paper: Phase 1 Security Landscape

The WG continues into Phase 2 and aims to recruit interested projects from the new phase.

Pre-standardisation WG

Chair: Olav Queseth, Ericsson


  • Identify standardisation and regulatory bodies to align with e.g. ETSI, 3GPP, IEEE and other relevant standards bodies, & ITU-R (incl. WPs) and WRC (including e.g. ECC PT1).
  • Develop a roadmap of relevant standardisation and regulatory topics for 5G: evaluate existing roadmaps at international level and propose own roadmap for 5G being aligned at international level.
  • Influence pre-standardisation on 5G and related R&D: potentially propose where topics should be standardised; influence timing on R&D work programs (e.g. EC WPs).
Information sharing on standardisation activities. Contribution to the Summary report on impacts from pre-standardisation in phase 1 of the 5G PPP.

Architecture Work Group

Chair: Simone Redana, Nokia


  • Serve as a common platform to facilitate the discussion between 5G PPP projects developing architectural concepts and components.
  • Foster the discussions on the basis of the KPIs described in the 5G PPP contract.
  • Facilitate consensus building on the 5G architecture.
Inclusion of the description of the initial 5G Security Architecture in whitepaper.

Vision and Societal Challenges Work Group

Chair: Salaheddine Elayoubi, Orange


Develop a consensus in Europe on 5G systems / infrastructures / services, Identify vertical application domains which would benefit from 5G (views of other sectors   on 5G requirements) and associated challenges, Identify the societal, economic, environmental, business and technological benefits obtainable from the realization of 5G main concepts, Collect publicly available visions and major technical trends from industry, research community and available information from other regions, Identify commonalities, bottlenecks and differences in visions and technical trends, Prepare input documents for Pre-Standardization and Spectrum Working Groups and International Cooperation Activity, Develop H2020 call proposals for 5G PPP in partnership with the EC

Contribution to the 5G PPP White Paper: Cognitive Network Management for 5G and to the 5G-PPP White Paper: Innovations for new Business Opportunities.

Network Management and Quality of Service Work Group

Chair: Michael Barros, TSSG Waterford


Network Management, Quality of Service and Network Security are three themes closely correlated:

  • Network Management aims to maintain the operations of the network in a manner that ensures that the required services are properly delivered to the users, that an expected quality of service is enforced for delivering such services to the end user and that security is maintained. To do so, network management is mainly focused on the control plane of the network to make sure all the services and operations running in the data plane are working properly.
  • Network Security covers areas the overall resilience of the network to fraud and intrusion or efforts to undermine the operations or integrity of the network. The focus will be on security at the level of the control planes of the network.
  • Quality of Service covers areas such as networking, packet scheduling, traffic adaption and any other technique implemented in both data and control plane to make sure an expected quality of service is implemented for the delivery of services to the end user (bandwidth, low latency, mobility and availability)

The WG continues into Phase 2 and aims to recruit interested projects from the new phase. 

Contribution to the New Security Group 5G PPP White Paper: Phase 1 Security Landscape