5G-ENSURE publishes its 5GPPP security enabler open specifications V1

1 June 2016 - 5G-ENSURE publishes its open specifications of 5G Security enablers for the first software release (i.e. v1.0) of the 5G-ENSURE Project planned for September 2016.

The open specifications for the enablers are presented according to the different security areas investigated by 5G-ENSURE, that is:

  • Authentication, authorisation and accounting (AAA).
  • Privacy.
  • Trust.
  • Security Monitoring.
  • Network management & virtualisation isolation.

This document paves the way towards the development and demonstration of the first set of 5G-ENSURE security enablers as per v1.0 of its Technical Roadmap (D3.1). It is also a valuable input to both works on the 5G Security architecture and 5G Security test bed, since it provides the details regarding security enablers necessary in order to understand their mapping to 5G security architectural components, as well as integration, testing, demonstration, and assessment on the 5G security testbed.