5G-ENSURE visits its 5G test bed at b<>com

Last week, 5G-ENSURE partner, b<>com, hosted the project’s 4th Plenary Meeting. Bringing together telecom manufacturers and operators, IT providers and research institutes, 5G-ENSURE is paving the way for a secure, resilient and useable 5G network.

5G Security Architecture

Over the 3 days, partners took stock of its achievements as it approaches the end of its first year in a 24-month project. The first cycle of project coincides with the initial definition of a 5G security architecture in agreement with other 5G PPP projects contributing to the Security Work Group, which is chaired by 5G-ENSURE. The aim is to provide the security architecture needed to enabling an entirely new networked society, attracting new types of users and giving operators a platform for new business opportunities.

Security and Privacy Enablers

The security enablers represent the major security building blocks for the 5G system. The initial technical roadmap identifies the following classes of enablers: AAA (Support for IoT and satellite systems; Trust and liability levels), Privacy (Increased assurance and confidence), Security Monitoring (Security by operation), Trust (Trustworthy dynamic 5G multi-stakeholder system with new trust models) and Network Management & Virtualisation Isolation (Mitigating security threats in SDN). The first set of implemented enablers will be validated in the test-bed by the end 2016.

5G Test Bed

A visit to the test bed was one of the highlights of the meeting to get a first-hand look of this key project asset, designed to meet the requirements of the security against the threats emerging from the use cases identified by 5G-ENSURE at the outset of the project.

The 5G-ENSURE distributed test-bed was launched in 2016 and currently promotes a DevOps approach for 5G. On-going work focuses on the integration of VNFs based on OpenAirInterface, making it a core asset of the project.

5G Security Standardisation

Finally, standardisation is a common theme running through 5G-ENSURE, with partners contributing to relevant standards to generate trust and confidence between actors in future networks. Main targets for standardisation activities where the project has already made a number of contributions are the 3GPP study item on Next generation/5G security and ETSI TC CYBER.