Security Monitoring

5G-ENSURE project aims at providing new innovative solutions ensuring the highest level of security and resilience in 5G network.
Compared to 3/4G, mobile networks will dramatically evolve with the fifth generation of networks. In particular, new concepts and technologies will arise such as the infrastructure virtualization, network resource sharing, dynamic network topologies, slicing and so forth. This implies new security challenges.

Challenges addressed
In a virtualized infrastructure, an isolation flaw may cause critical data leakage. In dynamic topologies, the addition or removal of a network element (software or hardware) may introduce new attack vectors causing the violation of network integrity. Thus, new ways to manage these challenges must be considered. We distinguish two axes that must be investigated: security by design, and security by operation (i.e., Monitoring the 5G security).

Relevance for 5G-ENSURE
In this context, task "Monitoring Security Enabler" main objectives are:

  • to allow the monitoring of security metrics identified in the security analysis of 5G ecosystem.
  • to deliver a pragmatic approach to security monitoring by determining, for each security requirement identified from the analysis of the use cases, the level of mitigation provided by one or more state of the art technical measures as well as the potential enablers delivered by the project in other areas.
  • to qualify, for each security requirements we couldn't monitor in the current 5G-ENSURE project, a theoretical requirements for achieving their security monitoring.
  • to focus on the detection of security policy violations and abnormal behavior thanks to a combination of techniques such as monitoring changes of technical identity, statistical deviations in resource usage, network volatility spreading, complex event processing and graph-based vulnerability analysis.
  • to investigate the implementation of the more efficient security monitoring techniques/strategies for each of threats/vulnerabilities identified.