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5G PPP on track to achieve major goals: MWC17 Showcase

5G PPP progress and future plans features 5G-ENSURE Technical Coordinator


New Security Group 5G PPP White Paper: Phase 1 Security Landscape

5G PPP Security WG gives new phase 2 projects a reference for 5G security.


3GPP progress on mission critical services

Towards Rel-15 and beyond - what's in store?


Deadline extended for 5G-ENSURE Open Consultation 2017

Deadline extended to 30 September 2017

Oxford University, ETH Zurich  and TU Berlin will uncover a new flaw in the widely deployed cryptographic protocol in 3G and 4G cellular networks during the Blackhat Las Vegas Conference, 22-27 July.

WiFi-Based IMSI Catcher presentation from University of Oxford accepted for Shakacon Security conference in July.

An annual event on future technologies that will change the world. 

University of Oxford, is presenting its WiFi privacy research on 7 June.


  • Patrick Donegan

    On the 5G-ENSURE Technical Roadmap for its 5G security enablers: Here's a website that takes 5G security seriously. The EU funded @5GEnsure project is moving foward with its 5G security efforts and has defined a path for the rollout of its 5G enablers.

    Patrick Donegan / Founder and Principal Analyst / HardenStance
  • Nelson Hastings

    Representatives from NIST and 5G-ENSURE have discussed the goals and objectives of the 5G ENSURE project. In addition, these discussions have touched on possible opportunities for collaboration between the two organisations and are on going, with a recent presentation of the project's security enablers.

    Nelson Hastings / Cybersecurity and Privacy Applications / Group Lead, NIST
  • Hugo Tullberg

    We're very fortunate in the 5G PPP to have the 5G-ENSURE project working on 5G use cases. They’re an active contributor to the Pre-standardisation Work Group and we expect to see a lot of good technical outcome in 5G security domain coming out of this project.

    Hugo Tullberg / / Ericsson, former chair of the 5G PPP Work Group Pre-standardisation
  • Pavlos Fournogerakis

    5G-ENSURE is the first 5G PPP project that deals with the horizontal area of security. In that respect, 5G-ENSURE will provide inputs to other 5G projects in defining the 5G security architecture, contributing significantly to the standardisation process in this area through participation in the most relevant standardisation bodies

    Pavlos Fournogerakis / Programme Officer at DG CONNECT Network Technologies Unit / European Commission
  • Petteri Mannersalo

    5G-ENSURE will define and deliver a 5G Security Architecture, shared and agreed across the various 5G stakeholders. It will specify, develop and release an initial set of useful and usable security enablers for 5G.

    Petteri Mannersalo / 5G-ENSURE coordinator / VTT, Finland

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