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Commissioner Oettinger on Digital Transformation at CeBIT 2015

Commissioner Oettinger on 5G driving transformation in the European economy and sociey at CeBIT 2016. 


5G-ENSURE partner b<>com becomes 5G test operator

5G-ENSURE partner b<>com announces its key role as 5G test operator with its 5G experimentation platform planned for deployment this summer.

5G-ENSURE is attending the 2-day ETSI Workshop: from research to standardisation in the context of the H2020 program of the European Commission, 10-11 May in Sophia Antipolis

5G-ENSURE joins 8 other 5G-PPP projects at Networld2020 to discuss priority actions and future steps.


  • Petteri Mannersalo

    5G-ENSURE will define and deliver a 5G Security Architecture, shared and agreed across the various 5G stakeholders. It will specify, develop and release an initial set of useful and usable security enablers for 5G”

    Petteri Mannersalo / 5G-ENSURE coordinator / VTT, Finland
  • Luciana Costa

    Standardisation is crucial because it means we have common agreement on the most important technical and service requirements. Having security standards will ensure compliance to a common security baseline at network, service and product level. This guarantees global interoperability of 5G networks

    Luciana Costa / security consultant at the Security Lab Department / Telecom Italia Information Technology

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